The Boat


Lagoon 380 S2

Sailing Catamaran

Welcome aboard the Lagoon 380. Enjoy time under the sun on this fun catamaran. Here are the characteristics:

Model year: 2008

Manufacturer: Lagoon

Number of Cabins: 3 (sleeps 2 adults each)

Master Cabin has own shower and restroom

Number of Toilets: 2

Length: 38 feet

Fun Amenities: kayak, paddle board and net in front of the boat to lie on and relax

The Captains


David Chateau

David has been passionate about sailing since he was kid. He was raised and born in Nantes, France and grew up doing regattas with his father. He founded Chill Out Sailing with his life partner Bonita in 2013 and together, brought the concept with innovations to California in 2015. David has a OUPV license, has experience sailing across the Atlantic Ocean and has extensive knowledge of sailing in the south of France in the Mediterranean Sea. As an experienced captain, he wishes to share his love and expertise of sailing to those who want to experience the ocean on a boat.

Ship's Wheel

Now Hiring for Captains

Chill Out Sailing is looking for new captains to join the team! Must be US Coast Guards OUPV license (Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessel), have good sailing skills, good knowledge of the area and great customer service (our clients find us through the reviews that we have). 

We are open for men and women without distinction of ethnic origin or sexual orientation. Open to non American citizens, as long as they have the OUPV (which requires a green card).

Send us a message by contacting us if you're interested.